Edited Collection


Re-Evaluating the Value of Humanity

I am co-editing (with Sarah Buss, University of Michigan) a volume on conceptions of the value of humanity, old and new, tentatively titled Re-Evaluating the Value of Humanity. The value of humanity is both a foundational topic in theoretical and normative ethics, and a key topic in the history of philosophy. Treatments have tended to proceed on both fronts, so that contemporary accounts are in conversation with the history of the tradition, and so that interpreters of the tradition are motivated by ethical and theoretical concerns.  The collection does justice to this feature of the subject by presenting contemporary and historical approaches together. The original essays contained in the collection provide a panoramic view of the historical and philosophical issues at stake. They investigate various aspects of the Kantian legacy, but also pre- and post-Kantian conceptions of humanity, and they raise theoretical questions about the nature of our value and its role in normative theory. The contributors include leading ethicists and scholars, as well as up-and-coming young philosophers. We intend this volume to be a canonical work on a subject of central importance in philosophy.

Constantin Brancusi:
Sleeping Muse