Curriculum Vitae
lit44[at sign]

Areas of Specialty

Ethics, Meta-ethics (especially value theory)

Areas of Competence

Ancient philosophy

Current Position

Associate Professor
University of Pittsburgh (Fall 2018).

Duane L. Peterson Assistant Professor in Ethics
Johns Hopkins University (fall 2012- spring 2018).


PhD in Philosophy with distinction
Columbia University (May 2012)

MPhil in Philosophy
University of Sydney (2004–2006)

BA, First class honours with University Medal (Philosophy)
University of Sydney (2003)

BA (Philosophy, English)
University of Western Australia (1999–2002)


The Value of Humanity (forthcoming mid-2019 with Oxford University Press).


“Kant’s Commitment to Metaphysics of Morals,” European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 24, Iss. 1 (accepted 2013; in print 2016): pp. 103-128.

“Must We Be Just Plain Good? On Regress Arguments for the Value of Humanity,” Ethics, 128, No. 2 (2018): pp. 346-372.

Book Chapters

“The Excellent and the Beneficial,” in progress for the Oxford Handbook of Moral Realism, ed. Paul Bloomfield and David Copp, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2021).

“Explaining Human Value,” in Re-Evaluating the Value of Humanity,  ed. Sarah Buss and Nandi Theunissen (in preparation).

Edited Collection

Re-Evaluating the Value of Humanity, co-edited with Sarah Buss. Contributors include Ralf Bader, Richard Bett, Akeel Bilgrami, Kyla Ebels-Duggan, Don Garrett, Michelle Kosch, Yitzhak Melamed, Elijah Millgram, Peter Railton, Andrea Sangiovanni, Kieran Setiya, Candace Vogler. (In preparation).

ARTICLES in progress

“Personal and Impersonal Good.”

“A Mortal Excellence.”

“Revisiting the Distinctions in Goodness.”


Luck, Value, and Commitment: Themes From the Ethics of Bernard Williams, Ulrike Heuer and Gerald Lang (eds.), Notre Dame Philosophical Review, February 2013.

Invited Presentations

“Personal and Impersonal Good”
Value in Practice: A Conference on the Philosophy of Joseph Raz, organized by Amanda Greene, Ulrike Heuer and David Owens, King's College, London, July 2018.
Amherst College Philosophy Colloquium, September 2019.

“An Explanation of Human Value”
University of Pittsburgh Philosophy Colloquium, January 2018.
Inaugural Alumni Lecture: Colloquium Series, Columbia University, March 2018.

“Introduction” to The Value of Humanity
Ancient and Contemporary Philosophy Workshop 2017-18,
organized by Katja Maria Vogt, Columbia University, February 2018.

“The Normativity of Good For”
Workshop on Well-being, organized by Mauro Rossi, Sarah Stroud, and Christine Tappolet, Montreal, February 2017.

“Must We Be Just Plain Good?”
Online discussion on PEA Soup with a precis by Richard Kraut, January 2018.
Joseph Raz’s Law School Colloquium, Columbia University, October 2015.
Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University, and University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, February 2012.
Also presented at The Mentoring Workshop for Women in Philosophy, University of Massachusetts Amherst, June 2013; and the Mellon Foundation, Columbia University, May 2011.

“What is the Subject Matter of Ethics?”
Flash Seminars, Johns Hopkins University Initiative for furthering the Humanities, October 2015.

Commentary on Joseph Raz’s “On the Justifications of Traditions”
The Authority of Tradition, College of William and Mary, October 2014.

“On the Value of Human Beings”
New York German Idealism Workshop,
New York, April 2014
Dignity and Autonomy in Kant’s Ethical Theory, University of St Andrews, May 2011.
Also presented at Rocky Mountains Ethics Congress, Boulder Colorado, August 2014.


On Mike Titelbaum's “Reasons Without Reasons-For,” St Louis Annual Conference on Reasons and Rationality, St Louis, May 2017.

On Paul Boswell's “Guise of the Good,” The Northwestern Society for the Theory of Ethics and Politics, Evanston, April 2017.

“Responsibility and the Value of Noumenal Beings,” Northwestern University Society for the Theory of Ethics and Politics, Evanston IL, May 2013.

On Eamon Quinn’s “Values in Partiality,” presented at Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress, Boulder Colorado, August 2011.

On Anne Baril’s “Eudaimonist Virtue Ethics and Contemporary Normative Ethical Theory,” Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress, Boulder Colorado, August 2010.

“Korsgaard on Moral Responsibility,” Aspects of Responsibility, Central European University, July 2009.

“Conservatism and Criticism,” The Annual Conference of the Australasian Association of Philosophy, University of Melbourne, July 2008.

“The Value of Truth: On Friction and Sincerity,” The Annual Conference of the Australasian Association of Philosophy, University of Sydney, 3–8 July 2005.

Events Organized

Workshop on the Value of Humanity, Johns Hopkins University,
April 2016.

Scholarships and Awards

GSAS Teaching Fellow
Columbia University, 2011

Mellon Foundation Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellow
ISERP, Columbia University 2010–2011

Kluge Fellowship
Columbia University Scholars Program, 2010–2011

Toby Strober Memorial Scholarship
Dissertation Fellowship 2009–2010; and 2010–2011

Summer School Scholarship
Central European University, 2009

Columbia University GSAS Scholarship
Full funding for the graduate program, 2006–2012

Traveling Scholarship
University of Sydney, 2006–2009

Lucy Firth Prize
Department of Philosophy, University of Sydney, 2005

Andrew Donald Campbell Memorial Prize
Highest course-work results in MPhil Program, University of Sydney, 2004

Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)
Full Funding For MPhil Program
University of Sydney, 2004–2006

APA Supplementary Scholarship Award
Faculty of Arts, University of Sydney, 2004–2006

University Medal
Department of Philosophy, University of Sydney, 2003

John Anderson Prize For Best Honours Thesis
Department of Philosophy, University of Sydney, 2003

UWA Graduates Association Prize Arts (English)
Faculty of Arts, University of Western Australia, 2002.

James Bourke Memorial Prize in Third Year English
Department of English, University of Western Australia, 2002.

S A Grave Prize in Third Year Philosophy
Department of Philosophy, University of Western Australia, 2002.

Walter Murdoch Prize in First Year English
Department of English, University of Western Australia, 1999.


Virtue, Reason, and the Good (graduate seminar).
Topics in Meta-Ethics (philosophy majors seminar; graduate seminar).
The Value of Humanity (graduate / undergraduate seminar).
Foundations of Ethics (graduate seminar).
Topics in the Theory of Value (graduate seminar).
Introduction to Moral Philosophy (lecture course).
Topics in Plato (freshman seminar).

Dissertation Director

Sandy Koll, The Value of Relationships, Johns Hopkins University (successfully defended, May 2017).

Kevin Powell, in progress.


Cameron Davis, Honors thesis, On Hedonistic Egoism, Johns Hopkins University.
Helen Zhao, Woodrow Wilson Fellow, On Vaccination Wars, Johns Hopkins University.

Service at Johns Hopkins University

Dean’s Teaching Fellowship Review Committee for 2016-7.
Acting Director of Undergraduate Studies, Spring 2015.
Political and Moral Thought Committee, 2014-2018.

SOHOP Presentation, What is Philosophy?, Spring 2015.
Faculty Mentor for Deans Undergraduate Research Award (DURA), 2013.

Dissertation Committee, James Gilmore, Intrinsic Goods and their Role in the Good Life in Plato, May 2013.
Dissertation Proposal Examiner
Qualifying Examiner
Third Year Paper Examiner

General Service

Referee, Nous, 2019.
Referee, Journal of Philosophy, 2015; 2018.
Referee, European Journal of Philosophy, 2018.
Referee, Journal of Philosophical Research, 2015.
Referee, Philosophical Quarterly, 2012.


Katja Maria Vogt
Professor of Philosophy, Columbia University
Tel: +1 212-854-3539

Joseph Raz
Professor at the Law School, Columbia University
Research Professor, Oxford University
Tel: +1 212-854 5191

David Velleman
Professor of Philosophy, NYU
Tel: +1 212-998-8320

Richard Kraut
Charles and Emma Morrison Professor in the Humanities
Northwestern University
Office: Kresge 3-205
Tel: +1 847-491-2552